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Re: Anti-woke culture
« Reply #45 on: October 16, 2022, 07:02:01 pm »
I implied no such thing, that's your assumption.

I know of literally 1 example of this happening.  I have no idea if it's "woke" or not.  All i'm saying is that for those that think this isn't happening, they're wrong.  I'm not saying we should freak out about it (yet).

I think something like trans teachers allowed to dress in mammothly large breastplates with protruding nipples is a more worthy example of wokeness gone amok among our school admin.  I think we have a growing issue in our society of organizations afraid to offend anyone, and therefore cowardly look past things or institute policy that is clearly ridiculous.  I blame social media, cancel culture, woke ideology, and cowardliness in the face of the most minimal "outrage".  We're never going to please everyone, so the solution is to try to do the right thing regardless of who it may be offend.

So you posted about it in the woke thread, but have no idea what the issue is.  Thatís useful.
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