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Re: Anti-woke culture
« Reply #45 on: October 14, 2022, 01:18:04 pm »
Okay, now do you guys. What does it say when some people desperately try to declare things a hoax if it doesn't support their world view?  Jessica Yaniv, Giant Fake **** Guy, male rapists being transferred to women's prisons, the Wi Spa incident, all this stuff was a hoax, until it wasn't.


Well, you would say "it's because because we've reached a point where it's no longer possible to tell parody from reality when it comes to gender-critical people pushing lies" but I'd say "some people will believe anything, no matter how obviously fake, if it confirms their prejudices."

Also there's a difference in degree if not in kind between, say, questioning someone's account of an alleged crime and something as outrageous as "schools are putting litterboxes in classrooms to sh!t in".
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