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Re: All purpose music thread!
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Thanks for posting that version of Helpless. I hadn't seen it before and it's very nice.
But Neil is also one of the most distinctive electric guitar soloists alive. I don't think Rock James would have let him in the Mynah Birds if he wasn't.

Did I ever tell my wife's boss's story about how Bob Dylan came lurking around his house one day before a show in Winnipeg because the boss owns Neil's teenage-years home? Bob got the full tour.

I love Neil's guitar solos.  He gets a lot of emotion out of not being able to shred at all.  I just don't think it's because he's purposefully rebelling against that kind of technique like punk did, or grunge did, it's just not in his wheelhouse.  He was around before Hendrix got big.  He's mostly a cowboy chords singer-songwriter type.
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