Author Topic: Trudeau to Gay People: Sorry, my bad  (Read 430 times)

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Re: Trudeau to Gay People: Sorry, my bad
« on: June 18, 2017, 10:45:49 am »
I wonder about the value of these apologies.

Do people appreciate them?

I'm sure the practical value is very close to zero, but I think acknowledging that an injustice was done, and acknowledging the government's role in it, is important.

I also think the police participation in Toronto's Pride Parade is important, for more or less the same reason. As I understand it, police antagonism of Toronto's gay community was a foundational cause of  Toronto's gay rights marches that spurred gay rights activism across Canada.  Police participation now kind of says "never again" and "we're on your side now, bro."

As for the MMIW...  I have a strong hunch that by far the biggest threat to aboriginal women is aboriginal men.  If the inquiry reaches that finding... is that going to make people happy?