Author Topic: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal  (Read 33007 times)

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Re: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal
« Reply #1905 on: January 14, 2020, 02:25:17 am »
yes, you are naive... and it reflects upon your junior/neophyte real-world job experience. Expertise with Squirrel POS software only goes so far, hey!

You're quite the POS yourself!   Yes, like many Canadians, especially women, who weren't born into wealth, I've worked with the mighty Squirrel in the past.  That you see this as something worthy of mockery suggests that you, like your blackface-wearing idol, perhaps "come from a place of privilege" that "comes with a massive blind spot".

  ;D Point in fact: it was the Canadian Press that released an internal SNC-L document that SNC-L presented to PPSC in the fall of 2018 in which, absent a remediation agreement, it would split the company in two, move its offices south of the border and chop its Canadian workforce to 3,500 from 8,700 before eventually shuttering its domestic operations. Whether you personally choose to believe the intent within that document or not is moot... it's the type of information a government has to consider as a "possible outcome". 

The big threat facing Canada is that SNC might phase out 5200 Canadian jobs?
As you noted earlier in this thread with this handy screenshot you clipped from SNC's website, SNC has already turfed far more jobs from Canada in the past 6 years, with nary a ripple to the greater Canadian economy:

Phasing out 5200 more jobs doesn't seem like that big of a threat after they've already phased out 11500 since 2013.  The BC interior has probably lost 5200 forest-sector jobs in the past 6 months.

and how cavalier you are with the employment... the lives... of people who might lose their jobs/livelihood. As I said, your naivete shines through! 

My family has moved around the country for work numerous times, I moved myself, I've changed employment numerous times. Why should I care that other people have to as well?  This is a fact of life for many Canadians.

you're quite the pro in repeatedly, post after post, presuming upon an outcome few, if any, thought was coming. I mean, c'mon; again... no DPA was offered given the, “nature and gravity” of SNC-Lavalin‘s alleged corruption in Libya!  ;D

surprised you're still on St. Jody's truthSquad!

The "nature and gravity" of the crime disqualify them from a DPA.  As well, SNC is a repeat offender, that also disqualifies them from a DPA. Ms Roussel's decision is completely justifiable.   That the eventual plea agreement resulted in a settlement similar to what a DPA might have provided doesn't actually mean that SNC was ever eligible for a DPA.

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