Author Topic: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal  (Read 33007 times)

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Re: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal
« Reply #1890 on: January 06, 2020, 11:21:38 am »
member wilber - lighten up; you're too sensitive! As for the/my reply you speak of, I'll take any opportunity to take a dig at member squiggy's incessant dumbTag post assignments. And yes, it absolutely is trolling as the dumbTags are attached, repeatedly, without the member ever posting any verbiage... it's just an azzholey trolling move; one that other members have commented on... have taken exception to!

Iím not sensitive, Iím old, grumpy and donít put up with the same kind of **** I did when I was younger. You may think you are a smart ass but you are just behaving like an Ahole and Iím not wasting my time humouring you.

I donít know if it is his intent but squid has made the dumb tag redundant. When I see one now, I donít even bother to see who posted it.
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