Author Topic: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal  (Read 11083 times)

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Re: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal
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Huh? One minister out means one new minister in. They could have brought a back bencher to take on veterans affairs. There is absolutely no justification for moving a minister that did not want to move unless they wanted her gone. The issue now is Butts obviously being deceptive because the only way his explanation makes sense is they wanted her out at justice for reasons unrelated to the shuffle. If he was willing to be honest he would have admitted that and explained exactly why he wanted her out.

no - it should be obvious, even to you, it's not a 'one-for-one'... you need to fill vacated positions caused by each successive move - duh! And yes, absolutely, as Butts stated, there was no want/willingness to allow a Minister a refusal right - setting/allowing such has precedent! Again, I'm still waiting for you to advise on your knowledge of any other MPs refusal to take on a new cabinet role... any MP, any government - still waiting.............

It is also laughable that you continue to spout the tripe that ministers are appointed based on their ability. Outside of critical portfolios like finance, they are appointed based on gender/race/regional concerns first. If they happen to have relevant expertise then that happy bonus - not the objective.

I said ability (actually I stated, 'experience/background/merit') should drive selection choices. Who was more qualified to replace Brison than Philpott... she having prior Treasury Board experience as the Vice-Chair of the Treasury Board? Who was more qualified (while giving an appropriate signal to its continued importance) to fill the vacated Philpott position at Indigenous Services - who other than JWR? Who was more qualified than David Lametti to take on the vacated positions at Justice/AG? Backbenchers... with no related/relevant experience and background???  ;D
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