Author Topic: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal  (Read 27435 times)

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Re: Trudeau accused in SNC-Lavalin scandal
« Reply #345 on: February 28, 2019, 01:26:25 pm »
I read somewhere that the bulk of Trudeau's trust fund is in SNC-Lavalin shares.  I haven't been able to confirm or deny that information.  But it makes sense to me - why he is more concerned about 9,000 SNC-Lavalin jobs in Quebec than 40,000 lost jobs in Alberta that don't affect his trust fund in any way.

the Liberal Party government/Trudeau have and continue to support the Keystone KXL pipeline; given actions/statements by Kinder Morgan, the Liberal Party government moved to have the federal government purchase the TransMountain pipeline - securing the future viability of the new pipeline; the Liberal Party government has repeatedly supported past/current initiatives toward securing final court-sanctioned authority to allow the new TransMountain pipeline to proceed.

it's actually ~9000 SNC-Lavalin jobs in Canada - ~4000 in Quebec

in terms of the Prime Minister's inheritance, per rules, the PM's share resides in a blind trust. Specifically, to the related investments:
– 90562 Canada Inc., the federal corporation that held a portfolio of securities that were part of Trudeau’s inheritance from his father, Pierre Trudeau, that he shared with his brother, Alexandre. The securities were managed by Montreal investment firm Jarislowsky Fraser. The corporation was dissolved in December 2013.

– 7664699 Canada Inc., Trudeau’s personal holding company, which was used when the inheritance was split up. In 2013, the company listed $958,000 in short-term investments and $255,000 in cash. Per required compliance:

OCIEC Translation - I {Justin Trudeau} am the sole owner of the shares of 7664699 Canada Inc., a private corporation. Prior to becoming a reporting public office holder, I voluntarily placed my shares in a blind trust. In order to comply with the requirements of the Conflict of Interest Act, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner determined that an agreed compliance measure was required. Consequently, I have undertaken not to provide any advice, instruction or direction, nor participate in any discussion or decision making processes in respect of the management, disposition or investment of any controlled assets, as defined in section 20 of the Conflict of Interest Act, held in 7664699 Canada Inc.
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