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Re: Trucker Rally
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These sorts of blatant lies and deliberate attempts to mislead Canadians are a threat to our democracy.

What "lies"?  What is "a threat to our democracy" specifically?  People peacefully protesting is people exercising their democracy.  Anyone who makes a violent threat or whatnot is indeed threatening our democracy.  As far as I know the organizers have not encouraged anything of the sort.  In fact they are doing the opposite:

Organizer behind anti-vaccine mandate convoy says it won't tolerate extremists as online rhetoric heats up

A key player behind the convoy travelling to Ottawa to protest a vaccine mandate for truckers is distancing her movement from the increasingly extremist rhetoric online being associated with the protest and asking members of the convoy to report any extreme behaviour to police.

Addressing her Facebook followers in a video posted on the Freedom Convoy 2022 Facebook page, Tamara Lich said the convoy is expected to arrive at Parliament Hill in Ottawa over the weekend to protest what she calls infringements of personal liberty caused by public health orders.

"If you see participants along the way that are misbehaving, acting aggressively in any way or inciting any type of violence or hatred, please take down the truck number and their licence plate number so that we can forward that to the police," she said.

Since the convoy of trucks and other vehicles left B.C. and began snaking its way to Ottawa, extremists and fringe groups have taken to social media to encourage their followers to descend on the capital when the convoy arrives, calling on them to destroy property and threaten elected officials.

Some have called for another Jan. 6 — the day last year when Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. Others have called for politicians to be targeted, in what amounts to a growing threat that has security officials concerned, according to one senior government official who spoke to CBC News on background.

Lich said that everyone participating in the convoy must be registered with their "road captains" and anyone who does not behave in an orderly fashion "will be immediately removed."

This group is full of MAGA-types who want this to be their “January 6” moment….

How many?  What %?  How do you know this, and what evidence do you have for this?  Maybe there are some MAGA-heads driving these trucks, i'd find that likely, but how prevalent are they?  And if there's a few extremists in the mix does that negate the legitimacy of the entire convoy?  It's like saying BLM or Antifa is a nutter movement just because some of them are violent anti-government extremists.

The truckers have a manifesto, of sorts.

The truckers are calling for sedition, and using imagery with burning crosses to get their point across.  And this is supported by MPs in the Conservative Party.

Who is calling for sedition?  Please be specific.  These sound like memes, maybe you're reading too many op-eds form "news" sites like "the national observer", whatever that is.  That MOU is not calling for sedition, in the document they're arguing that the government should uphold the constitution and human rights.  During the pandemic we have seen many of our Charter rights denied because of the pandemic.  Everyone has a Charter right to leave or enter the country, and essentially being under house-arrest (quarantine) because you traveled outside the country (which is our Charter right) is a violation of our freedom of movement.  I'm not saying I even agree with the truckers on this because we're dealing with a health emergency situation (pandemic), but I'm saying they do have legit concerns.  People are losing their jobs and businesses over these things.  We shouldn't take lightly government mandates and fines for walking in the park or simply leaving our house.  These are serious infringements on our most basic constitutional rights, and worthy of at least debate IMO.
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