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Re: Trucker Rally
« on: January 28, 2022, 02:31:47 pm »
I have no narrative here.  Like most groups like antifa, BLM, Trump voters etc I  assume there's a variety of people and agendas involved.  I assume there will be anti-science nutters involved as well as people who just don't agree with vaccine mandates.  What the breakdown is I have no idea.  Elon Musk is smarter than all of us, has been vaccinated, and supports the convoy, so this isn't so black and white as you're trying to paint it.

Why would I put any weight whatsoever behind what Elon Musk says about it?  Do you think he made an actual informed opinion about, and if so, how do you know this from a one-lined tweet? 

What you’re doing is called an ‘argument from authority’ and assuming, because he carries some sort of gravitas for you that he must be correct on the issue. 

What he tweeted was a political opinion.  He has no special authority whatsoever for anyone to take his opinion seriously on the matter.  He just as likely got his info from Theo Fleury on Fox News when he told them there are 50,000 trucks. 
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