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Re: Trucker Rally
« on: January 28, 2022, 01:14:20 pm »
I support vaccines, and the right to peaceful protest, and am not particularly supportive of the government forcing people out of their jobs if they choose not to get vaxxed, especially essential workers like truckers who don't work on the front line and mostly sit by themselves in a confined space like their trucks all day.

I will also mention that Trudeau forced all fed government public servants to get vaccinated even if they work from home full time or else they go on indefinite admin leave with no pay.

But also apparently the vast majority of truckers are vaxxed.  They will pick up more trucks in the GTA and in Ontario generally and from Quebec and east coast.  Will be interesting to see final numbers. They also raised over 6 million bucks to help pay for gas on Go Fund Me from 20k donors which was surprising.

I have no idea how many alt-right weirdos are among these truckers but I'm not going to write them all off as such yet.

I mean, it's organized by alt right weirdos, doesn't that tell you something?
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