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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #1410 on: July 06, 2022, 06:58:44 am »
per 'The Hill Times': The convoy’s tire tracks are still all over the face of politics

Another week and a couple more stories about high-profile Conservatives engaging with people connected to the Freedom Convoy. The day before Canada Day, it was Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre marching into Ottawa with veteran James Topp and others connected to the convoy. Then on July 4, CTV News broke a story revealing former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall was speaking with and advising convoy organizer Chris Barber during the winter occupation.

Poilievre—as has been his approach with convoy matters—told media he walked with Topp because he was doing his job. In his own words: “I thought I would give him a greeting and give him a hearing and see if he had any thoughts to share with me, as one of the representatives of the people.” On the surface, it’s a reasonable response to argue that it is part of an elected official’s job to listen. It’s also true. But where it stops being reasonable with Poilievre and others is when the listening stops, and the enabling happens.
The problem for Wall, and in turn the federal Conservative Party, is that he allowed himself to be dragged into this in the first place. While there will be some Canadians who will have no issue with Wall’s involvement, the political opponents of the Conservatives will view this as a present. Further proof, they will argue, of how many Conservative leaders have lost their way and are becoming the party of the disgruntled riffraff. Yes, a dismissive term, but the competitors of the Conservatives will be much less generous.

It will be interesting to see if Wall offers a hearty set of public comments. Wall is a skilled communicator and possesses political authenticity. He will know he has a brand problem here, not just the Conservative Party. The Freedom Convoy may have left Ottawa, but it is still shaping the Canadian political landscape.