Author Topic: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)  (Read 22682 times)

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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #1380 on: June 22, 2022, 09:09:27 pm »
1. As was Ford.
2. You are misrepresenting this grossly.
3. I am 100% ok forcing people to get a jab for the public good as were many others.  It might have more to do with community mindedness but go ahead and call us leftys and fascists (?!?).

1. Only people working in LTC because those living there could easily die.  At least the science was sound on that one.

2. How so?  That's exactly what happened as I recall.

3. Public servants 100% working from home were forced to take medicine.  Why?  So were truckers who spend 90% of their work day alone inside a self-contained truck cabin. How is this for the public good?  If you want to take the medicine take it.  People have civil liberties.
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