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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #825 on: February 16, 2022, 11:31:46 am »
new tools - yes, new tools! One of which was highlighted by Deputy PM Freeland when she stated that the government is "serving notice" to trucking companies with vehicles involved in any of the blockades that they will have their corporate accounts frozen and lose their insurance. There are a number of twitter accounts that have lengthy tweets that include truck photos... photo after photo after photo... intended to highlight associated company names. For some strange reason, deTruckers took exception to having photos of their bigRigs taken - go figure, hey! An expected natural fallout of these tweets was as assortment of employee firings - apparently one large trucking company owner sent a tow-truck (from the company's Alberta base) to bring the company truck back to Alberta. The point being: phack around and find out!
What does "serving notice" mean?  Does that have any legitimacy in court?  Regardless, I don't know of many Towing companies that are participating in the blockade, especially from Otawa.