Author Topic: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)  (Read 22548 times)

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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #675 on: February 15, 2022, 10:33:48 am »
1. Lol, youíre hilarious, like a caricature of a leftist. 
2. Yes, because a couple of people said something after the fact, means everyone thatís protesting is trying to overthrow the government. 
3. Btw, thinking Trudeau should resign because heís been a complete disaster isnít overthrowing the government. 
4. The problem is that when you use just ridiculous hyperbole, people roll their eyes. 
5. Youíre like the boy who cried wolf.  Every protest you donít like is an attempted coup.   

1. I'm conservative, yo, but please throw anything you can at me if it helps your feels.
2. It's the written statement that said something about Senate and Gov General yadda yadda... if you want to admit it's a politically illiterate band of idiots who are crying out in the night, then I can agree with that but if we are deciding for them what they mean are we better than 'the media' ?
3. Marazzo said he would form a coalition with the PCs NDP and Bloc...
4. I agree that people are rolling their eyes at the ridiculous statements from the Convoy leaders.
5. Explain what you agree with or disagree with because it is starting to sound that you don't take them seriously.