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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
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I have a better idea, end all mandates of all truckers.  The supply chain is too important, most truckers are vaccinated, and truckers aren’t the cause of covid infections.  It’s a mandate that has no basis in science.

of course there is no specific trucker 'mandate'; rather, there are entry criteria requirements for unvaccinated persons entering Canada. By the by, for some reason you chose to ignore the following 2 waldo posts - here take another opportunity to comment on them - yes?

Canada's largest trucking company is TFI International Inc.. => the ending of the vaccination requirement exemption for cross-border truckers had been announced by the federal government on Nov. 19 and took effect Jan. 15; as of Jan 15, Canadian truck drivers must be fully vaccinated if they want to avoid a 14-day quarantine upon re-entry from the United States. The United States imposed the same rule on American drivers a week later on Jan. 22, with Canadians who are not fully vaccinated barred from entry to the U.S. and vice versa.

Quote from: TFI CEO Alain Bédard
Vaccination at TFI is not an issue at all. The vast majority of TFI's Canadian drivers are inoculated against COVID-19.

one key nugget to add: TFI CEO advised that the small number of unvaccinated truck drivers working for TFI have been restricted (by TFI) to domestic Canadian routes that don't enter the U.S..