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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
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I like how you had to specify that the flag had to be attached to a rig so you could duck the fact that Nazi and Confederate flags have been spotted at the protest. In any case, here's a pic of a big rig with the flag of the Three Percenters, a designated terrorist group.
Right because some random racist dude who lives in Ottawa
Ummm... do we know that he is actually from Ottawa, and not someone who was part of the group but just brought his flag with him?
and shows up with a confederate flag isn't a part of the convoy.
They are still part of the protests, and neither the organizers of the protests nor the other individuals who would have seen him took any steps to get rid of him.
The 3 Percenters aren't a racist/nazi/white supremacist group so the Graham Challenge remains unclaimed.
One Canadian expert, Maxime Fiset, a former neo-Nazi who works with the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence, considers the group the "most dangerous" extremist group in Canada... six men associated with the group were indicted for conspiracy, and Canada declared the group a terrorist entity....  in response to Black Lives Matter protest...the Three Percenters' Facebook page featured numerous racist comments made by its supporters.

In years prior, Three Percenter groups have protested refugee resettlement in Idaho

The Three Percenter concept originated in 2008 on a by Mike Vanderboegh, an Alabama-based anti-government extremist...Vanderboegh briefly became involved with the Minutemen, an anti-immigrant border vigilante group.
There were even Three Percenters among the militia contingent in Charlottesville during the violent white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally... One former member of a Three Percenter militia group, Alex Ramos, actually participated with several white supremacists in an assault on an African-American man...After Charlottesville, Three Percenters largely abandoned the idea of showing up at white supremacist events, though they have cooperated with other extremist groups, such as Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys...One outspoken anti-Muslim Three Percenter, Chris Hill, the leader of the Georgia-headquartered III% Security Force, claimed recently that Muslims “want to... destroy us and our way of life.”
Selected Three Percenter-related criminal incidents in recent years include: a small militia group dubbed the "White Rabbit Three Percent Illinois Patriot Freedom Fighters Militia" were connection to the bombing of a mosque...Three members of a tiny Kansas offshoot of the Kansas III% Security Force militia, were arrested in connection with a destroy an apartment complex housing Muslim immigrants

So you have a group that was founded (in part) by a guy who was involved in anti-immigrant activity, contains people who regularly spout racist statements on line, has worked with the racist group "Proud boys", and has had multiple members (including leaders!!!) either spouting racist statements, or actually involved in racially motivated crimes.

Yeah, they might make questionable claims about how they are "not discriminatory" or how they "oppose violence", or that they are just against government overreach, but when they have that sort of track record, I think we can chalk up those claims as bunk.