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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #390 on: February 07, 2022, 07:10:58 pm »
Well Givesendgo is the same outfit that fund raised for the January 6 rioters, Kyle Rittenhouse and the Proud Boys among others.

You are known by the company you keep.
Speaking of "The company you keep"... not sure if this has been posted yet (the thread has moved fast so its not always easy to keep caught up)....

...anti-hate experts allege those with white nationalist and Islamophobic views don’t just represent the fringes of the movement but are among the organizers of the convoy.... Global News contacted all the organizers mentioned in this story, but none responded by the time of publication. Jason LaFace, an Ontario organizer, did pick up the call, but upon the reporter identifying themselves, immediately laughed, said “no thank you,” and hung up....There is a GoFundMe page...That fundraiser has two names on it: Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter....B.J. Dichter warned listeners about the dangers of “political Islamists,” and said the Liberal Party is “infested with Islamists.”...Another dominant voice within the convoy community is a man named Patrick King....In other video footage, King can be seen repeating racist conspiracy theories.... Jason LaFace...shared an image titled “Canadian politicians who are not born in Canada” and included his own caption: “traitors to our country.”

Its amazing that so many of the protesters talk about 'peace', but more and more of these sorts of things keep popping up...

"We want a peaceful protest"
But what about the people with white nationalist ties organizing it?
"Well, that's unimportant. We're here for freedom"
But what about the people carrying nazi and confederate flags?
"Ignore them, its all about freedom"
But what about them dancing and urinating on the war memorial?
"They're not important"
But what about them stealing food meant for the homeless?
"They don't represent us"
What about them harassing patients at local medical clinics?
"Well, that's not everyone doing that"
What about them harassing business owners?
"Not everyone is doing that"

I recognize that protests can sometimes attract malcontents, but just how often can these excuses be used? And why would anyone continue to be associated with the protest given all of the above issues? (I'm not sure about you, but if I show up anywhere and people are waving nazi flags or urinating on the war memorial, I am not going to stick around, since I have no interest in being associated with such people. Yet the rest of the protesters seem to be quite content to continue associating with a group that contains such elements.)

The MAGAchud of course try to engage in "Whataboutism" and point to the black lives matters protests, which were mostly peaceful but had occasional episodes of violence and other crimes break out. But even, many of the crimes associated with the BLM movement were actually done by people who were unassociated with the protests and just wanted to use it as a cover for their activities. (And, it should be noted, many BLM organizers have actually confronted/reported those engaging in crimes.) Where do we see the equivalent with the trucker protests? Why are the remaining protesters who are supposedly all about "peace" not reporting the criminals among their ranks?