Author Topic: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)  (Read 22673 times)

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Re: Trucker convoy (non-censor edition)
« Reply #165 on: February 03, 2022, 01:51:45 pm »
So? Why would I, a leftist, care about that? It really is incredible how stupid you are that you think my issue here is with the mere fact of this protest and not the cause they are promoting and the people who are involved. It's the same as you thinking the statue thing is about people objecting to public art.

Here''s the difference between you and I (aside from me having probably 100 IQ points on you): I've never made any pretense of being objective or interested in balance so your claims of hypocrisy are empty. Whereas you feign objectivity (though no one is fooled) so your claims of hypocrisy merely reflect right back on you.
Yes I get it.  You’re an authoritarian and anyone that protests in opposition is a disgusting sub-human to you.  Anyone that acknowledges basic fundamental rights is to be excoriated.  Your views are not compatible with a free society.