Author Topic: Faith Goldy and other White Supremacists banned from Facebook  (Read 1106 times)

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Pundit yes.  Respected? Uhhh...

Well one that wouldn't result in claims of supporting racism if you're seen within a quarter mile of her.

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That's inane.  The "white power hand sign" shown in the picture is what most people would recognize as the "Okay!" sign.   The notion that most people-- Justina McCaffrey or anybody else-- would recognize it as a "white power hand sign", especially at the time of the photograph-- is absurd.

The caption says the photograph was taken in February 2017, 6 months before Faith Goldy's infamous trip to Charlottesville. At the time Faith Goldy was not recognized as a white power figure, just as one more louse from Rebel Media.

Trying to link Justina McCaffrey with white supremacists because she was seen with Faith Goldy at a time when people didn't have reason to be wary of Faith Goldy, or because Goldy flashed what most people would recognize as an innocuous hand gesture-- is just stupid.  Go outside.


It's not innocuous anymore, kimmy.

No, I wouldn't expect McCaffrey or other politicians to know that, or even notice that Goldy was doing it, though they'd better start paying attention.
I posted it as another indicator of FGoldy's unmistakable white supremacism.