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Re: The Trudeau Brand
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That's only true if the provinces agree to such an arrangement. As of now, at least 4 of them, including 2 of largest provinces, are not interested in that arrangement.

Exactly.  The only thing the NDP could do is help pass something that the Liberals are able to broker with the provinces.  Any bill the NDP put forward by themselves is dead in the water and is used only so they can say during an election campaign "we put forward a great bill for national pharmacare and it was voted down.  Elect us and we'll give you pharamcare".

I wouldn't trust Singh to implement anything.  He's in way over his head, not unlike Trudeau was 5 years ago.  Compare very capable politicians with decades of experience like Chretien or Paul Martin to Singh or Trudeau.  The thing that sunk Chretien and Martin is corruption and arrogance because they were in power too long, which tends to happen.  A fine line between that and naive inexperience
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