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Re: The Trudeau Brand
« Reply #1200 on: March 05, 2021, 12:14:36 pm »
Keep shoveling. Canadians NDP parroting supporters aren't buying it. Looks like nothing but a bunch of political BS to explain away why the Liberals don't support national pharmacare.

you can continue to lay down your cryptic and false one-liners... while ignoring posts you can't refute! By the by, it was the Trudeau Liberal party that provided the impetus to and support for the national Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. You know, the council's report that recommended the federal government work with provinces and territories on a pharmacare system reflecting the five principles: public, portable, comprehensive, universal, and accessible - that recommended the federal government "enshrine the principles and national standards of pharmacare in federal legislation, separate and distinct from the Canada Health Act, to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to partnership on national pharmacare and provide for a dedicated funding arrangement".

as I previously profiled the national Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare:

a cross-Canada national engagement; one that included an extraordinary collaboration and input from provincial and territorial health ministers and senior officials. Health ministers, finance ministers, and in some cases premiers; one that included senior officials responsible for the management of public drug plans; one that included Indigenous leaders and peoples across the country; one that included Canadians represented as patients, health care providers, stakeholder organizations, industry, business, labour and academics; that included expertise provided by Health Canada and Finance Canada; etc..

c'mon cyber, why don't your NDP boys call the Trudeau Liberals on the claim you're parroting - simply quit providing support to prop-up the minority government, hey! What are you waiting for?  ;D