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Re: The Trudeau Brand
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I double-dog-dareYa to answer this!  ;D

I asked you first.  Squid's link backs up my claims.  The feds just can't ram something through, the provinces would need to be on board, and from what it seems the provinces would need to implement their own programs and the feds could help fund them.  it needs to be funded by transfers because the feds don't have the constitutional power to make the program themselves.  It's not their jurisdiction.

“But the provinces are responsible for delivery of health care and already pay for many medicines through existing programs. It will be a political football,” he says.
Given Canada’s constitutional division of powers, which assigns almost all health-care responsibility to the provinces and territories, Flood, the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law professor and University Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, says the pharmacare plan will need to be funded through federal transfers to the province and territories to be feasible. As federal transfers for health care began at 50 per cent and have sharply decreased over the years, she says the provinces will likely demand guarantees to make certain 10 to 15 years’ worth of funding with annual increases. The provinces and territories would design their systems with certain conditions, including universal coverage for a basket of essential drugs, she says. And for the Canadian Drug Agency to negotiate and purchase those drugs, the provinces will have to agree to delegate that authority to the agency, she says.
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