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Re: The Trudeau Brand
« Reply #1170 on: February 28, 2021, 09:35:20 pm »
Healthcare is the constitutional domain of the provinces, so it should go through them and not the feds.
So where is the universality and weren't we were talking about Pharmacare?  If its all mixed into the same thing can we please also include Dentalcare?  Even Galactic Dentalcare would be a vast improvement over the absence of none whatsoever.

Not even sure why the feds would want to take responsibility for such an expensive program.
It should be a matter of what Canadians want which I'm willing to bet includes a better scale of economy and efficiency. I'm not sure why most provinces would want all the responsibility for such an expense.  Surely centralizing and streamlining some of the bigger weightier responsibilities of 10 departments all doing the same thing into one will result in better outcomes.  This should look more like an aircraft carrier battle group where the carrier covers the group that's supporting the carrier.  Instead it all too often looks more like the Titanic with lifeboats paddling in ten directions.   
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