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Re: The Trudeau Brand
« Reply #3255 on: March 14, 2023, 11:21:50 am »
Lurkers, this is waldoganda on behalf of the Liberal Party,
Lurkers, this is waldoganda on behalf of the Liberal Party.

Seems like Garneau was probably not going to run for re-election and when the hammer fell with all the Chinese interference allegations the former Minister of Foreign Affairs (2021) thought it might be a good time to bounce a little early and save himself the headache.  Standing on guard for thee!

hey Nipples, sorry I missed these gems of yours! But hey now, when you earlier dropped a reference to waldo/lurkers in another thread, the waldo asked you if you were playing to the lurkers... clearly... you are! LOL!

as for your nonsense about Marc Garneau, the guy is 74 years old and, as he states, will finally retire in line with the wants/wishes of his family - certainly a well deserved retirement!