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Re: The Sad State of Canada
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She was out less than 24 hours and is evidently at a low-risk of reoffending. Reading the details of her case (and not shithead bait like the Prostate Millennia) I'm not sure what good it does anyone to bang someone up behind bars for life.

"Low risk of reoffending":

A doctor who examined Kringuk once said she is “genetically loaded for psychiatric problems” and that Kringuk “clearly had a difficult future ahead,” Harte said.

At age five, Kringuk started huffing gasoline. At eight, Kringuk started binge drinking, consuming up to six beers at a time.

By the age of 11, Kringuk was “addicted to alcohol,” and when she was 14 sought treatment for addiction to gas inhalation.

Sexual abuse accompanied Kringuk’s substance abuse at a very early age.

Harte said she had been **** at age 11, 12, 15, and 22, as well as later in life.

Besides the abuse issues, Kringuk suffers from bipolar disorder and psychosis, he said.

She has very serious issues and is a convicted murderer.  I feel for her, and whether she's in an institution her whole life isn't my call, but she should probably be in a secured environment because she's a threat to herself and others.  She turned herself in apparently, that's good, she probably had a mental health crisis or something.
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