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Re: The Queen
« Reply #30 on: September 12, 2022, 12:09:23 pm »
So you post data showing that you post more than me?  🤣
Regardless, I was referring to this topic in particular.  You have ďno interestĒ in the Queen, but you canít stop participating in this thread.  Like Iíve said, itís time for you to get a life already.

Yeah one more post per day, big whoop. As for this topic, I'm not interested in the Queen or the Royals but I'm very interested in how people are reacting to her kicking the bucket. Feel free to ignore this thread and go back to posting about children's genitals or throwing some more garbage boomer memes up, you clown-ass peckerhead. Or better yet, just **** off back to another forum like MLW with the other retard conspiracy mongers.

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