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Re: The Queen
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2022, 12:18:14 am »
She raised over $2 billion dollars for 600 charities.  Are you hard of hearing son?  Regardless, I’ve already admitted  that her accomplishments pale in comparison to yours as a woke keyboard warrior.  Most people’s probably pale in comparison.  I honestly don’t know where the world would be without you pounding the keys on your keyboard day in and day out.

She also served in WWII.  But you fight battles with your keyboard every day, so again, it pales in comparison to you, in Alberta sitting in front of your computer as the old man yelling at clouds.  Stupid boomer.

Wow the death of an old lady you never knew who could not possibly have given a **** about you has hit you hard, loser office drone living in the garbage London. You’re a pathetic little turd glomming into the slightest hint of power and authority, a bootlicker to the core. “Served in WWII” Jesus Christ take a look at yourself you pube of a person. What a total waste of life you are.
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