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Re: Talking Green (ie. the party)
« Reply #60 on: October 17, 2020, 01:42:01 am »
can you point to countries that have 2-tier systems where the 'public tier' hasn't been compromised by the development/expansion of the 'private tier'?

hey now members squiggy & wilber - as you both are fronting Sweden's healthcare system, I'm surprised you're offering nothing... nada... bupkis to validate your claim.

like, for instance, what's the penetration rate of private coverage. What's this about Sweden's private being principally an outlet for employer based groupings? Any thoughts on how you'd like to draw a parallel between the healthcare role/responsibility of municipalities in Sweden to that of, say, provinces in Canada? Any thoughts on how/why the national Swedish government actually sets policy (policy, not standards) for all the counties/municipalities... and how that is completely opposite to what exists in Canada? And, hey now, what's this I'm reading about the inequities of coverage between "Old Stock Swedes"  ;D and new immigrant types? And waddabout actual problems with the Swedish system - like wait times! Wait now - how can wait times still be a problem for a 2-tier system you're pimpin' out, hey!

c'mon, amateurs! Get in the game...
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