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Re: SHOCKER - Poilievre goes super-WOKE !
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Shocker of shockers - Poilievre has stacked his leadership team with TWO OF NINE members being LGBTQ2S.  This answers the question definitively whether Pierre intends to go to the centre or even... the left ?!?  I may be too conservative to vote for him at this point but I WILL KEEP AN OPEN MIND....
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre revealed his Commons leadership team Tuesday in a social media post a nine-member group that includes two LGBT MPs and one of the few persons of colour in the Conservative caucus.

Ontario MP Melissa Lantsman, a lesbian (SHOWN ABOVE DANCING WITH A WOMAN IN PUBLIC), and Alberta MP Tim Uppal, who is South Asian, will serve as Poilievre's deputy leaders. Both supported Poilievre in his successful bid to lead the party.

Ontario MP Eric Duncan, a gay man, will serve as Poilievre's party liaison, holding a caucus position he also held when O'Toole was the party leader.

Ok, calm down everyone... 😂  Everybody please help out and pick a conservative up off the floor, thanks...

Choose people for key positions based in whole or in part on their membership in a marginalized community.

the marginalized community of those who choose to wear their hair dressed in a pompadour - the waldo asks the simple question: "who did/does it better"?

hey Shady, you have repeat posts extolling the party prominence of Lantsman - has she ever sponsored/co-sponsored a bill... any bill? Oh wait, that's why Poilievre chose her as "coDeputy Leader"... cause she matches his dismal lack of bill sponsorship - birds of a feather, hey!

from those who proclaim Adler as Canada's "wise Conservative uncle":