Author Topic: SHOCKER - Poilievre goes super-WOKE !  (Read 670 times)

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Re: SHOCKER - Poilievre goes super-WOKE !
« Reply #15 on: September 16, 2022, 11:56:58 pm »

This is so 5 years ago, Michael.  In 2022 us cisgender white homos sit at the back with the straight folks. You don't get any points from the wokies unless you have either brown gay people, or if the best you can come  up with is white people, they need to at least identify as trans, non-binary, queer, genderfabulous, and/or pansexual.  The idea that a couple if cisgender white gay people can score you any diversity cred in 2022 is just so cringe. You might as well show up with a briefcase or a fax machine or a Zune, Michael. Good grief.

Yes, in the world of normal people this is nothing crazy but we're talking about the CPC. The party that accepted SSM 11 years after it was legislated. ELEVEN years!!

O'Toole was the first one that came right out saying he's totally cool with the gays. Harper and Scheer never would.

This is a pretty big deal.