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Re: SHOCKER - Poilievre goes super-WOKE !
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Shocker of shockers - Poilievre has stacked his leadership team with TWO OF NINE members being LGBTQ2S.  This answers the question definitively whether Pierre intends to go to the centre or even... the left ?!?  I may be too conservative to vote for him at this point but I WILL KEEP AN OPEN MIND....

This is so 5 years ago, Michael.  In 2022 us cisgender white homos sit at the back with the straight folks. You don't get any points from the wokies unless you have either brown gay people, or if the best you can come  up with is white people, they need to at least identify as trans, non-binary, queer, genderfabulous, and/or pansexual.  The idea that a couple if cisgender white gay people can score you any diversity cred in 2022 is just so cringe. You might as well show up with a briefcase or a fax machine or a Zune, Michael. Good grief.

In regard to this...
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre revealed his Commons leadership team Tuesday in a social media post a nine-member group that includes two LGBT MPs and one of the few persons of colour in the Conservative caucus.

Ontario MP Melissa Lantsman, a lesbian (SHOWN ABOVE DANCING WITH A WOMAN IN PUBLIC), and Alberta MP Tim Uppal, who is South Asian, will serve as Poilievre's deputy leaders. Both supported Poilievre in his successful bid to lead the party.


Ontario MP Eric Duncan, a gay man, will serve as Poilievre's party liaison, holding a caucus position he also held when O'Toole was the party leader.

One point that appears to have eluded the expert analysts here is that Poilievre's announcement didn't make any mention of Lantsmann or Duncan's sexual orientation. (I didn't know Lantsmann was gay until I read your post, in fact, although in hindsight her haircut should have been a hint...)

And, the article that I read on CTV about Poilievre's announcement didn't make any mention about Lantsmann or Duncan being gay. And, the Canadian Press article that I read about Poilievre's announcement didn't make any mention about Lantsmann or Duncan being gay.

In fact the CBC article you linked is the only one that I saw about Poilievre's announcement that made an issue of Lantsmann and Duncan being gay.  Maybe this says less about Poilievre than it does about the CBC?

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