Author Topic: Rona Ambrose is a Giant Hypocrite  (Read 113 times)

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Re: Rona Ambrose is a Giant Hypocrite
« on: February 03, 2017, 11:57:46 pm »
She isnt the PM
She isnt running to be PM
She isnt running to be party leader

Does Murray Edwards lobby the government for millions of our tax dollars?  Ambrose has no ability to influence where that money goes even if he did.

Trudeau is not being investigated for his staying at the Island, but for the transportation to the island.  She will not be investigated at all, as she seems to have broken no rules.

There is a difference between accepting an invitation from a friend and accepting an invitation from a friend when your friend lobbies us for big dollars and you, the PM, can obviously influence the outcome of that lobbying while also doing something against the rules in order to accept that invitation.  No one expects that you cant associate with your friends, but when they ask for our money and you control the purse strings, there is a difference.  Also, to my knowledge Seamus O'Reagan and Anna Gainey are not even family friends of the Aga Kahn, yet somehow got invited to the lobbyists island with Trudeau, they being in the ruling party have even less excuse for being there than Trudeau and considering where they were and how they got there, are also in more conflict than Ambrose.  Who isn't in one at all and has broken no rules, these are significant differences.