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Well, what to say ... we have a spy within the RCMP at a very high level, giving away secrets of Canada and our '5 eyes' allies.
(and a spelling mistake in the cbc link. Lol)
And ... how the Mounties found out from the US that they had a spy in their midst:

The RCMP have proven particularly incompetent at dealing with any real national security issues, and unethical and illegal behaviour, eg blowing things up and blaming environmentalists=entrapment+arson in dealing with internal constitutionally protected dissent (eg, environmentalists, Indigenous) in the past, and still:
As a result of illegal tactics used by the Security Service and consequent scandals surrounding the RCMP, intelligence work was transferred to a new agency, CSIS, in 1984. The RCMP has again become involved in intelligence work, however, particularly related to terrorism following the bombing of Air India Flight 182 in 1985 and the 9/11 attacks.

What the heck is wrong with the RCMP?

Entitled, secretive police who treat people's constitutional rights as crimes, masters at entrapment and other illegal tactics, so  chronically covering up each other's bad behaviour to the point that a spy can operate for a long time in their midst undetected.

The most unaccountable police force in the country, and that's a very serious problem.

And Trudeau's to deal with ... during an election campaign.
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