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Your strategy of starting out with personal insults betrays your lack of confidence in your responses.

says you... the QueenOfInsultGiving. Your perceived insult wasn't "strategic"; it was strictly responsive and in kind!

1)Profits of foreign corporations, exports to other countries, are not a National Security issue for Canadians, and nobody has ever said they were. Nobody, in particular Trudeau, will ever support the RCMP in using that justification. He'd be hooted off the stage, because pipelines are widely seen as the biggest threat to our future security, even by Trudeau's supporters.

how dismissive you are of government royalties and taxation revenues... and something about societal dependencies... about supporting government services, social programs, provincial transfers, etc.. Geezaz, just look what happens when refineries go off-line for extended operational maintenance. None of this is partisan politics as much as you're trying to make it so.

... then perhaps we, who currently pay their salaries while protesting their invasive and unjust actions that violate our Constitutional rights,  need to rethink the 'national' status of the RCMP and downgrade them to a more appropriate status as private-for-hire-corporate-security guards. If the RCMP are 'workin for the man' forcing politically unwelcome corporate developments on communities, instead of respecting and enforcing the Constitutional and democratic rights of Canadians to oppose developments in their communities, then the RCMP are not operating as a 'national' police force.

It's important to always keep in mind that government cannot direct the operations of police because politicians can't turn the police against the people to suppress dissent in order to  further their own partisan interests. That is a perversion and destruction of democracy.

perhaps acquaint yourself with what civilian agencies can and can't do... and how police, through lawful means, extend upon those civilian "can't do" aspects.
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