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Pipelines for fossil fuel export for private profit are NOT a matter of National Security, and no one has ever said they were.

you are so obviously out of your depth (which is quite shallow to begin with) here! Critical infrastructure has been a national security priority since the Second World War... and starting in the 70s, an energy crisis and terrorist attacks on energy related targets refocused critical infrastructure security on threats from within national borders. Accordingly, world state governments have today tasked themselves with protecting (largely privately owned) energy infrastructure against threats from resident people and groups - how could they not?

perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the National Energy Board responsibilities and, in particular, how it shapes regulatory aspects... and most pointedly as reflects upon TMX, you may want to ask yourself why the U.S. insisted on a sign-off to the recent TMX purchase agreement - one based on grounds related to {their} national security concerns/interest - hey!