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no - the first (most obvious) rule is you {the RCMP} don't talk about possible threats to National Security. Sumthin bout giving away the investigation farm!  ;D

Pipelines for fossil fuel export for private profit are NOT a matter of National Security, and no one has ever said they were.

We'll see what flimsy excuses the RCMP come up with for withholding the report and their response from the public.
But I'll bet it won't be "National Security".

They made a big deal about surveilling a so-called Indigenous "extremist" - ie, a member of the Indigenous Environmental Network, for cripes sake! 
Get a friggin life, RCMP!! Stop chasing 'Indians'!  Start upholding Constitutional Aboriginal rights: That's your job!

Face it waldo: RCMP are not responding to the report ... because they are going to look like idiots.
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