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« on: August 18, 2019, 02:14:37 pm »
your unsubstantiated OPINION is noted! Again, you bold-highlighted a definitive statement! You presume to 'seek cover' in making/repeating said definitive statement by closing it with multiple "?".

you're gleefully running with nothing more than accusations... and base all your baseless criticism on the report not being released. I would expect there are matters of National Security involved - possibly actions taken as directed by government/CSIS. Hey didja know there's STILL continued ONGOING concerns related to TMX - apparently you could care less about possibly compromising investigations with the report release.

That's all your own speculation, waldo. The RCMP have not made such claims. The RCMP have simply refused to communicate with the CRCC about the report at all. The RCMP have not raised any issues of "National Security", or given any reasons at all for not responding.

And btw ... re your statement:
 "...possibly actions taken as directed by government ..."
You are aware that that's impossible, right?
 You are aware of the necessary separation between government and police?
You are aware that "government cannot direct the operations of police"?
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