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« on: August 18, 2019, 02:04:16 pm »
The RCMP needs to respond. On the other hand, if particular individuals or groups present a genuine security threat to a company, that company deserves to know about it, just as an individual would.

We would have to see the report to know that, wouldn't we?
But I think we can assume that no security threats were found as no one has been charged with any threats or crimes against said company before or after these complaints were made against the RCMP ... 5 years ago!

You raise an issue that is likely addressed in the CRCC report (that the RCMP won't let us see): Can the RCMP conduct widespread surveillance on Canadians without just cause?
The fact of someone's opposition to a corporate development is not 'just cause' to assume any criminal intent, nor criminal behaviour.
The fact of someone's opposition to a corporate development is Constitutionally protected freedom of expression and assembly.

Upholding individual Constitutional rights is an RCMP responsibility.
Pushing through a corporate for-profit pipeline is not an RCMP responsibility. Improper surveillance
to harass, intimidate and threaten Canadians, is certainly not an RCMP duty, but an abuse of their duties to the public who pay their salaries.