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« on: August 18, 2019, 02:00:22 pm »
Waldo, it's irritating that you don't read before responding.
Obviously, I was repeating the information provided in the article quoted above:
"...information sharing with other government agencies and the private sector ..."
For substantiation of that, we'd have to see the  report of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC)... but the fact that the RCMP are sitting on that CRCC report so it can't be released publicly pretty much substantiates the complaints, imo.

your unsubstantiated OPINION is noted! Again, you bold-highlighted a definitive statement! You presume to 'seek cover' in making/repeating said definitive statement by closing it with multiple "?".

Gee ... let's see ...
*RCMP are accused of improper surveillance of Canadians exercising legal democratic rights.
*CRCC investigates, writes report, sends report to RCMP for response, so both CRCC report and RCMP response can be made public at once.
*RCMP sits on CRCC report refusing to respond ... for two years now.
*RCMP Commissioner refuses to answer CRCC requests for RCMP response to the report.

It isn't hard to 'make up one's mind' that the RCMP  refusal to respond means that they are guilty, and are obstructing to prevent the report from being made public.

But do tell, waldo, what's your take on this?
Did the RCMP act improperly in collecting surveillance on Canadians attending NEB hearings, and distributing it to other government agencies and the private sector?
Has the RCMP again acted improperly by failing to address the CRCC report and recommendations, effectively preventing it from becoming public?

you're gleefully running with nothing more than accusations... and base all your baseless criticism on the report not being released. I would expect there are matters of National Security involved - possibly actions taken as directed by government/CSIS. Hey didja know there's STILL continued ONGOING concerns related to TMX - apparently you could care less about possibly compromising investigations with the report release.