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The RCMP has been sitting for two years on a watchdog report into alleged Mountie surveillance of anti-oil protesters, a civil liberties group charges.
The association lodged a complaint in February 2014 with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP. It alleged the national police force improperly collected and shared information about people and groups who peacefully opposed the planned Northern Gateway pipeline project and attended National Energy Board meetings.

The association said monitoring, surveillance and information sharing with other government agencies and the private sector created a chilling effect for those who might wish to take part in hearings or other public discussions on petroleum issues.

The commission launched a public interest investigation and completed an interim report into the matter in June 2017, forwarding it to the RCMP for comment on the conclusions and recommendations.

The commission cannot prepare a final report until the RCMP commissioner responds, which also means the findings can't be disclosed to the civil liberties association or the public.

In March, Paul Champ, a lawyer for the association, wrote commission chair Michelaine Lahaie to express concern that more than five years had passed since the complaint was filed, saying the RCMP may have violated the fundamental freedoms of Canadians exercising their democratic rights.

Who gives the orders RCMP to do surveillance on members of the public attending public meetings of the National Energy Board that is funded by the public?
Do they do surveillance on everybody who attends, or just those opposed to corporate proposals?
Do corporations pay the RCMP salaries for their work? <sarcasm>
The RCMP are sharing this illicit surveillance info on individuals with other government agencies, AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR???
And sitting on the report for two years?

Do RCMP take orders directly from corporations?
Do the orders come indirectly from politicians supporting corporate proposals?

Who tells the RCMP which proposals are matters of 'national security' so they 'know' who to surveil?

Who oversees the RCMP to ensure that they are accountable to the public, who pay their salaries?
Why did an oversight body not notice the RCMP sitting on this report of their inappropriate and politically partisan surveillance of members of the public who pay their salaries?

There's a huge, 150+ year old stench of political and corporate influence, pressure and direction of the RCMP.

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