Author Topic: VPD Officers found to be Racist  (Read 715 times)

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Re: VPD Officers found to be Racist
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Durrr….  I don’t know….   Maybe in the settlement? 

Is waldo going to double-down and tell us that the VPD admitting to discrimination because they were indigenous is not racism?

let's recap: you got the police force wrong to begin with... and your thread title was not supported by the initial reference link you provided. And now, after a re-do of your OP, you double-down by wrongly referencing the VancouverPoliceDepartment instead of the civilian VancouverPoliceBoard - so emboldened you are squiggy - so emboldened!

Brian Neal, a retired provincial court judge appointed to the case by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, found the officers each committed two counts of abuse of authority by "recklessly arresting the complainants and by using unnecessary force by applying handcuffs."

from the report prepared by Neal:
As such I have substantiated two allegations of misconduct against both officers;
(i) Recklessly arresting Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter without good and sufficient
cause; and
(ii) Recklessly using unnecessary force on Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter by
applying handcuffs to the parties on arrest without good and sufficient cause.

in the Neal report, the waldo reads no finding of racism (systemic or localized to the event in question) and no finding that the VPD officers were racist in their actions.
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