Author Topic: VPD Officers found to be Racist  (Read 729 times)

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Re: VPD Officers found to be Racist
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For the dullard who thinks arresting and handcuffing an old man and a 12 year old girl were reasonable actions, here's a few more excerpts from the disciplinary proceeding decision.

What followed thereafter was a disturbing and profoundly disrespectful series of events affecting both Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter. In the result, shortly after noon that day, both Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter found themselves escorted out of the Bank without explanation by two Vancouver Police Officers, Cst. W and Cst. T. On exiting the Bank to the busy sidewalk and December weather, both parties were immediately arrested and handcuffed by the two officers.
Having considered all of the circumstances set out in the investigation report, the evidence of witnesses and submissions advanced, I have found that both Cst. W and Cst.T acted oppressively in their dealings with Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter. Specifically, I have found that the officers’ actions in arresting and handcuffing the parties was undertaken without reasonable and probable grounds. I have found that no reasonable police officer standing in the shoes of the two officers could support such actions based on suspicion alone. Furthermore, I have found that such actions demonstrated serious, blameworthy conduct contrary to section 77 of the Police Act. As such I have substantiated two allegations of misconduct against both officers;

(i) Recklessly arresting Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter without good and sufficient cause; and
(ii)Recklessly using unnecessary force on Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter by applying handcuffs to the parties on arrest without good and sufficient cause.
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