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Re: Polygamy Culture
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2017, 01:45:29 am »
It is one thing for a religion to impose upon society its outrages beliefs.

It is another for society to impose, at the individual level, upon individuals for their stupid beliefs.

Freedom allows people to shack up and wear clothing for whatever reasons they fancy as long as no harm is occurring. 

The Muslim women who chooses (whether brainwashed or not) to wear a burqa has the freedom to wear it because the state has no business in choosing what individual citizens choose to wear (nor are the reasons for wearing it any of the state's business, for that matter).

Same with shacking up.

Again, prove harm of abuse under existing laws that are meant to protect citizens from real harm.

But leave people alone to choose their life whether you agree with it or not.

Otherwise, don't be surprised when those who want to take your freedom away "because it's good for you because you are being harmed/brainwashed" coming knocking on the door.

It's easy for you to say brainwashing doesn't hinder the consenting adult process and isn't really 'harmful'.  You're not wife number three to anyone and you can leave the house without covering your face and have a life and be mobile and socialize.

The charter was written in the early 80's.  The Canada of those days is very different than the Canada of today.  We didn't have the level of diversity we do now.  We're not dealing with protestant vs. catholic here, but beliefs that are abhorrent to most Canadians. 

It's like Americans who cling to the second amendment for their right to carry an AK-47 without putting in context the timeframe of when it was written.

This may not be a popular opinion, but I think it's time to dust off the charter and make a few amendments.
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