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Just out of curiosity, how does that work?

I'm curious, because fidelity is generally a condition of marriage, regardless of relligion.

If he one day decided to get another wife, what recourse would your sister have?  My understanding is that it's a Muslim man's right to have up to 4 wives, according to the koran.  Would her preferences override the koran?

Their marital contract takes precedence over the *permission* given in the Koran for a man to have multiple wives.  He agreed to it, he is bound to it. 

Of course, he can break his word and take another wife.   My sister could sue for divorce on those grounds.   If they do divorce, he is bound by the marital contract to pay for her resettlement in Canada.   Of course he could ignore that as well. 

Inasmuch as one can consider a Muslim honorable and honest, my brother-in-law is.  His religion and culture definitely make him blind to some things we take for granted, but to my mind he is no more blinded by his religion than Betsy is by hers.  None of the males in that family have more than one wife, by the way, even though they all have the right according to their law and their religion.   

Here's an article about an Egyptian man who took a second wife, twice.  I personally think he's a jerk, so i'm not posting this because I approve.  But it gives some insight into cultural attitudes in Egypt, and the article mentions that 25% of men in Egypt take a second wife, which means 75% don't - perhaps my sister's husband and brothers-in-law are more the norm than not.   It also mentions that 70% of those second marriages end in divorce.

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