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Re: Polygamy Culture
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2017, 06:25:13 pm »
Ya.  Almost as logical as inferring that I want children to suffer because I don't agree with paying out massive amounts of money for polygamists to have multiple families.

See how that works?

It's just such a simpleton, knee-jerk answer....   

First, you didn't show that this was even a problem...   just an assumption on your part, or do you have evidence?

2nd, I am not against removing people from welfare if they are fraudulently collecting...   but, I think that the children's welfare should be a first thought, not a knee-jerk punnishment to women who have been brainwashed since they were children.

I am in favour of going after these men and nailing them to the wall and GIVING welfare to these women to help them out of their situation.