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Re: Polygamy Culture
« on: July 24, 2017, 03:43:46 pm »
Why do we respect Muslim women brainwashed choices?  Personally I think it's time to stop being respectful of people's religious beliefs and declare atheism the law of the land.

No niqabs no polygamy.

A Canadian woman I know, who converted to Islam as an adult, subsequently chose to marry an Egyptian man, knowing he already had a wife.  (This is not my sister)  Islam requires that wives are treated equally (good in theory, laughable in practice), with separate houses, husbandly time and attentions, and equal financial arrangements.  I can't say this woman was brainwashed by Islam, but I think she let romance cloud her judgement and believed this man was able to do as promised and according to what she believed Islam mandated.  Perhaps needless to say, the relationship ended and she is back in Canada.  Still, women (and men) have made equally stupid decisions without any religion being involved so I fail to see how making religion illegal will really prevent people from being stupid. 

But I do hear you on the wish that religion becomes extinct somehow. 

(My sister, btw, had it wrotten into the marriage contract that she would be the only wife.)