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Our lousy court system
« on: April 06, 2017, 10:32:59 am »
I won't call it a justice system since justice is only something which occasionally happens. For the last week or so Christie Blatchford has been detailing a litany of the ridiculous with regard to Family court, including a guy who has to pay twice his take home pay to his ex in alimony and child support, even though she makes a lot more than he does and another man who killed himself after relentless hounding by the family court system.

I’ve heard from family court lawyers, some of whom are angry at my suggestions that fathers get the tough end of the stick in child custody cases (though the actual evidence is reasonably clear that they do), some of whom say “the whole system is B.S … one of the first things out of my mouth when I see someone is, ‘What’s your budget and how much does he/she dislike you?’” I’ve heard from judges and former judges and psychologists and counsellors.

Without exception, they agree that the system is beyond broken.

And just to demonstrate the absurdities that the criminal law can get up to, an Ottawa court has been busy with its expensive time over the past two days arguing whether evidence against a Somalian kidnapper ought to be thrown out before it is presented because the crown, while it had over a dozen warrants, might not have got them all exactly correct and in order and in time.

Oh, the Somai kidnapper they were wiretapping was in Somalia at the time, and had never been to Canada and was not and is not a Canadian citizen.  That the law could even be remotely twisted to see how he might have some rights to privacy while making ransom calls to Canada is simply beyond belief, and demonstrates just how poorly written and administered our laws and legal system are.
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