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Re: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)
« Reply #450 on: September 12, 2022, 09:45:05 pm »
Not really.  I’m just looking at the facts.  CUPE thinks he’s by bad for “working families”.  But they’re silent on extreme inflation.  Do they think that’s good for working people?  They’re silent on carbon taxes and phony environmental policies that make energy much more expensive.  Do they think that’s good for working people?  They’re silent on mass unlimited immigration, which makes everything more expensive, particularly rent and housing.  Do they think that’s good for working people?  Nah.  They just don’t like not having a Prime Minister that spends his time shovelling troughs full of money to public sector unions.  All at the expense of working people through higher fees and higher taxes.  I can’t wait to get a responsible adult in Ottawa again, who’s not trying to be Santa Claus.

Important to note here that when Shiddy says "CUPE is silent on X" he means "CUPE doesn't agree with me on X" which is not the same thing. CUPE has positions on all these issues, they just don't conform to those of the dumbest man on the internet, which is probably a stroke in their favour. That being said, there's no doubt their opposition to PeePee Poo Poo is self-serving, but that doesn't mean they are wrong; we know PP's objective is, like all conservatives, to facilitate the upward transfer of wealth and the destruction of public services.
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