Author Topic: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)  (Read 14443 times)

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Re: Opposition Parties (uncensored thread)
« Reply #90 on: April 07, 2022, 01:50:30 pm »
How are they less likely to be imprisioned?

Canadian criminal laws are far less punitive and far less carcerally centric than the U.S.

And wtf is immiserated by forces beyond their control?  Is that a reference to the defund the police policies?

lol, Christ you are dumb.

Because, yes, I agree that that's probably one of the reasons why they could be listed lower.  Democrat policy has unleased a pretty bad crime wave due to idiotic policies like defund the police and bail reform. 

LOL still lying about this, huh?

Regardless, American's have a greater freedom of speech, second amendment freedoms, religious freedoms etc.  Much more than Canada does.

The only part of this is true is the second amendment thing, which is only because it doesn't exist in Canadian law and is not actually a measure of freedom.